Throwback Jam of the Week: "Another Sad Love Song"-Toni Braxton

It's Throwback Thursday, and we've got another great jam from back in the day! 

"Another Sad Love Song" is probably my favorite track by THE Toni Braxton! It was the first official single from her self-titled, debut album back in '93. I was a young one, but as I grew older and listen to more and more R&B, Toni's discography definitely became a huge part of my music library.

This is indeed a sad love song, but, with the 90s vibes of the track, it's a great track to just sing at the top of your lungs and jam to! It's definitely one of Toni's greatest hits, with it hitting the top 10 on the Billboard 100 back then and winning Toni her first Grammy! It's music like this that really makes me think I grew up in the wrong era for music!

Watch below!

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